About this blog

I’m Leif Pettersen and this is why I love Minneapolis (and sometimes Saint Paul).

After over four years of continuous travel and living abroad – visiting almost 300 cities in 40 countries – I have returned to my native Minneapolis to live, reasonably secure in the opinion that it’s one of the greatest cities in the world.

Being formerly one of those people who became inordinately fixated on work, bemoaning how stagnant life was and wretchedly pondering why the weather was always perfect on Tuesdays and especially sucky on weekends, I know how easy it is to overlook the simple joys that this city has to offer.

Armed with this new perspective, I’ve decided to share the love in the form of comments, notes, reviews, gossip and protracted babbling. Also, this way I can write off all my food and entertainment expenses for the rest of whatever. In your face IRS!!