The Brother’s Deli, La Belle Crêpe, the first ant in my pants – Day 9 – Two weeks in the Minneapolis Skyway

If this is your first “Two weeks in the Skyway” post, you might like to start here.

The Brothers Deli: At the urging of both Katie and Doug, yesterday I had lunch at The Brothers Deli, the lone remaining location of an empire that was at one time 16 locations strong and dates back to 1935. It’s located on the Skyway level in the Dorsey building. What makes these sandwiches stand out are the carefully sourced meats and breads, though their soups, including a tomato basil and a homemade chicken noodle, are popular as well. The sandwich menu is a bit dazzling and after much indecision I settled on the rather simple Broadway Danny Rose, with “lotsa corned beef plus lotsa pastrami on rye.” Though it was extremely good, I regretted going for the safe option, so once again I’ll have to return to this place as many times as it takes to get a good sense of the total package.

La Belle Crêpe: I didn’t eat here, because I had just put away that giant sandwich, but I had to find out if the rumors were true. A Skyway-connected creperia? No bloody way. Yet there it was, the tiny La Belle Crêpe, located on the ground floor of the Medical Arts building, selling a short, seasonal menu of sweet and savory crêpes, plus a breakfast menu, including dill and lox. I’ll be back.

And I learned this today: There are back door, Skyway-connected entrances to both Thom Pham’s Wondrous Azian Kitchen and Newsroom.

The first ant in my pants: Day 9 of my two week Skyway confinement test matched my previous record, set last winter during a particularly busy work time and similarly god-awful weather. Coincidentally or not, I was a little antsy yesterday. There was no real explanation for it, though the current two week run of mild insomnia that I’m enjoying is probably playing a part. I haven’t missed anything substantial and I’m not anxious to go anywhere in particular, I was just antsy. Kind of like the sensation experienced by people who work for months and months on cruise ships.

The upshot is that my social opportunities have remained plentiful. Friends are generously making the trek downtown to visit me, mostly, I suspect, so they can check the pallor of my skin and note any new facial tics for future party stories.

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3 Comments on “The Brother’s Deli, La Belle Crêpe, the first ant in my pants – Day 9 – Two weeks in the Minneapolis Skyway”

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