Sorrento Cucina, happy hour at Restaurant Max – Day 8 – Two weeks in the Minneapolis Skyway

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Lunch at Sorrento Cucina: Before my weekly run to Target for groceries, I’d gotten myself all amped up for another lunch at Sushi Do, but then I stumbled on a year old Heavy Table piece by Katie Cannon, “Five Spots to Eat at in the Minneapolis Skyway.” Despite the muffled cries of “spicy tuna!” emanating from my stomach, journalistic responsibility demanded that I sample the goods.

Embarrassingly, I’d never even heard of Sorrento Cucina, serving the Skyway for what must now be 19 whopping years. It’s hidden away in the Soo Line building, in one of those corners of the Skyway on the way to nowhere important (for me). Well, like any place serving non-lethal food in the Skyway it was fantastically busy, but the line moved quickly and in about three minutes I was heaving the largest slice of lasagna al forno I’d ever seen, along with a bread stick and an iceberg lettuce side salad, to one of the copious red and white checked tables. Like Katie before me, I chose the lasagna amongst the many options, including several nods to health-conscience diners, because lasagna preparation has the kind of latitude that makes it a telling indicator of the general effort and skill being put forth in the kitchen. Despite the distraction of the unspoken competitive eating challenge leveled against me, I was quite impressed. However, unless you can eat more than me, and you probably can’t, best to get a half order. Lesson learned. Also, the ravioli was going fast, so I’ll be returning soon to see what has inspired that level of popularity.

Happy hour at Restaurant Max: I met local writer, soon to be published author, Douglas Mack at Restaurant Max at the stroke of 4:08pm for our 4pm appointment (I keep my watch set to Writer Standard Time). I’d been to Max for happy hour once before entirely by accident and for some reason I had it in my head that the deals were pretty decent. Well, the truffle fries and variously topped flatbreads on the menu were pretty good, as was the house chardonnay, and the service was attentive, but the frugal Norwegian gut instinct in me feels like $5 glasses of wine during happy hour, even in 2011, is a little presumptuous. Still, it’s not a bad spot for a bit of swank and the banking nerd in me loves the original vault door by the bathrooms.

My Skyway world is expanding: Feedback from other Skyway users/obsessives has been incredibly enlightening. Every day I learn about a new place/service/quirk that had entirely escaped me during my three years of wandering. I’m still enthusiastically collecting these nuggets, the best of which will appear in the article that I’m researching, so if you have any winners, please give them a bump in the comments section.

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