Kabobs Indian Grill, 8th Street Grill – Day 12 – Two weeks in the Minneapolis Skyway

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Kabobs Indian Grill: In my continuing quest to copy Katie Cannon in every way (except for the baby incubating part), I followed her advice and visited Kabobs, located in the 4th floor Gaviidae food court. Here’s a veteran traveler tip for you (actually it’s something new travelers figure out within hours, but in case you’re traveling with slow learners), when you’re out looking for a place to eat in a new destination, a key indicator of whether a place is serving exceptional, authentic food or just gruel for rube tourists is to track how many locals are eating there. If there’s a standing sandwich board menu out front with food pictures, a bunch of people with guidebooks and daybags, and a guy whose sole job is to stand in the street and try to lure in customers (and if it’s within 50 yards of a major tourist site), keep walking. If it’s busy with locals and the servers don’t give two shits whether you stay or go, elbow your way to a seat. Well, frequent Skyway users will have noted the influx of Indians in downtown Minneapolis over the past few years and pretty much all of them were queued up at Kabobs and chatting with the servers like regulars when I arrived. It was very encouraging.

For $5, you get a single, all-you-can-carry pass down the varied buffet. Yesterday there were a number of rice, veggie, noodle and chicken dishes. In the interest of journalist investigation, I had the servers pile on a little of almost everything, including four pieces of naan, until I ran out of space. I can’t intelligently discuss Indian cuisine, so I’ll simply say that every single thing I got was delicious. All of it. Even the small pile of stuff with eggplant that I accidently agreed to take was pretty good. And it was spicy enough to make my nose run, but not make me run screaming from the food court and dive into the Gaviidae fountain. I was stuffed and happy. Kabobs may very well be the best eating value in the Skyway.

8th Street Grill: I had only figured out last week that the 8th Street Grill had a Skyway-connected entrance, so I was pretty amped to investigate what appeared to be a great happy hour. Though it was so busy we were in serious jeopardy of having to stand, we managed to grab just-vacated stools and consume several $4 Strongbows on tap and substantial quesadillas for $7, after the happy hour $2 price break. The best part is that happy hour is 3-7pm Monday through Friday and all day Saturday, so there’s ample opportunity, especially for self-employed Skyway enthusiasts, to cash in on these deals and stagger home without fear of being run over.

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