Hell’s Kitchen, Kieran’s, a long walk – Day 11 – Two weeks in the Minneapolis Skyway

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Hell’s Kitchen: Denied my Buddha-given right to huevos rancheros last Sunday due to limited Skyway hours, I tried again yesterday. Though, because I’m an adventure traveler, I decided to up the adrenalin factor by making the trip with a 2 and ½ year old car battery with legs named Jackson. It was Jackson’s first time in the Skyway and he shamelessly broke all the rules. Walking slowly, not holding doors, wanting to be carried… I was mortified, yet, oddly, all the people who observed this behavior smiled approvingly. So, apparently I’ve been doing it all wrong. While I’m out running errands today, I’ll most definitely be testing the “carry me!” theory on various people.

My huevos rancheros were predictably wonderful and Hells’ Kitchen, a place where I’ve received erratic service over the past two years, pulled out all the stops for Jackson and his mother. The slate is clean Hell’s. I’ll disparage your once cadaverous service no more.

Kieran’s Irish Pub: To be perfectly honest, I’m still not sure how I feel about Super Kieran’s, which opened in Block E last spring, abandoning the much loved old location which was subsequently transformed into the early-closing “Old Pub” (which has now tragically closed all together). The move meant the loss of the cherished Kieran’s intimacy, as well as their Strongbow on tap. (Actually, I don’t know exactly when they dropped Strongbow, but I’m sure, wherever I was, I spontaneously burst into tears.) These changes were two big loses for long-time patrons. That said, the food selection at the new location jumped in a gratifying direction and they wisely incorporated a Skyway-connected entrance for us Skyway ninjas. Obviously, more investigation is in order.

A long walk: I have, due to workload and social obligations, been remiss in what I hoped would be one of my regular routines during my two-week Skyway confinement, random exploration. As such, yesterday I made a point of shutting down the office early for a two hour walk while it was still daylight. Among other things, I visited and assessed the inventory in the recently opened Skyway Wine & Spirits in the Six Quebec building; the length of Skyway connecting the western parking ramps, the Target Center, the Twins stadium and the Orpheum Theatre; the tunnels under the Government Center and City Hall and the art display in the Thrivent building. I am very close to having stepped foot on nearly all 83 skyway bridges and visiting all four distant corners of the eight-mile system. Yet I’m still getting lost. I’m starting to realize this may never change.

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