Buns of steel, Skyway My Way, post office, bank, Capital Grille – Day 4 – Two weeks in the Minneapolis Skyway

If this is your first “Two weeks in the Skyway” post, you might like to start here.

Buns of steel: I happen to have them. During my frequent daydreams about being interviewed by Oprah while on my 57-city, global book tour for the best selling memoir in recorded history “Lamborghinis and Orgasms – Why I Got into Travel Writing,” I sometimes imagine that, after openly musing about why I don’t weigh 250 lbs considering how much time I spend sitting on an average day, she inquires about how much exercise I get. And when I absentmindedly answer “Eh, not much. God gave me Jesus’ metabolism, so…” the audience turns on me: boos cascade down, 250 dieting women rush the stage and they cut to commercial just as one of them is tightening her purse strap around my trachea.

Well, I had my 12th annual 28th birthday last year and my biblical metabolism has begun to slow down. Burning 500 calories isn’t as simple as taking a 15 minute nap anymore. I have to actually move around in a determined fashion several times a week. Fortunately, my condo group has a barely passable fitness center, which I made lavish use of yesterday. But if it didn’t (and here’s my point, finally), there are a ton of Skyway-connected fitness centers. There are two within two blocks of my building and several more scattered around downtown according to Skyway My Way, a super cool, interactive Skyway resource map that allows you to search for all manner of eating, drinking, shopping, hotels, banks and whatever else you might need. I’ve been playing with the site for three days. Check it out.

Post office: Many of my clients, usually my best paying clients, so I won’t trash talk them (in public), insist that I send them the signed, original contracts via snail mail, instead of a PDF scan. (I keep forgetting, how much is the postage to send something to 1998?) Since my building’s mail guy picks up the mail each morning long before I’m ready to be seen in public, I often have to hoof it to the post office to drop these important documents in the mail before 5pm. For those not in the know, there are three Skyway-connected post offices, including the friendly Baker Center Loop Station (off of 8th Street and Marquette, if you’re not in a Skyway).

Bank: Speaking of tediously slow, snail mail solutions for me to get paid, many of my clients still choose to send me paper checks. This is obvious to anyone who’s ever stepped foot in a Skyway, but for the record, I thought I’d mention that many, many banks are Skyway-connected, including my dinky, obscure, but unspeakably awesome bank. It’s incredibly convenient.

Lunch at the Capital Grille: The bestest cheeseburger in the Skyway, probably in the entire city, is served at the Capital Grille, which is where I dined for lunch yesterday. Oh, and if the best cheeseburger in the city isn’t appealing enough, I should mention that it comes with a side of truffle fries, covered in gran padano cheese. This is the kind of meal where you keep smelling your fingers for hours after it’s over to relive the experience. It’ll cost you about $16 before drinks, tax and tip, so don’t go and get addicted to them like I was for a while, but everyone deserves an occasional splurge, including travel writers making eight cents per word.

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