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Some of you may have seen the article I wrote earlier this year, Choose Your Own Adventure, about the feasibility of long term travel, career break round-the-world trips, living abroad and the like. Well, if you been thinking/plotting/dreaming about such an odyssey, I have good, enabling news for you.

Minneapolis, among many cities nationwide, is holding a Meet Plan Go! event on Tuesday September 14th at Honey Lounge in Northeast Minneapolis. This is an opportunity for seasoned escape artists and first-time travelers alike to get together and talk about the logistics, money, employment ramifications and all the other minutia involved with career-break long-term travel.

Your host, multi-career-breaker Kirk Horsted, will be joined by both me and financial planner Ross Levin as we share our experiences and answer questions about career-breaking and long term travel.

The event is free. You can avail yourself of the drink specials ($3 tap beer; $5 wine), order food and there’ll be a few eye-popping giveaways like free trips to Peru, Cambodia (dibs) and France.

Read more about the Meet Plan Go event here or, if I’ve already sold you on the idea, reserve your spot here.

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