Things that I will and will not miss while in Romania (the goodbye for now post)

I apologize to my seven regular readers for what I assume has been incapacitating distress over my silence lo these past nine days. I have been hard at work, coordinating/preparing/stressing out over my one month trip to Romania and Moldova to research and write the definitive guidebook works on these rapidly changing countries that I both love and hate so much. I think I can get all this stuff done in about two weeks. Unfortunately, I leave Wednesday.

In further TIWILMinneapolis blog neglect news, since I’ll have precious little time or material for this blog while I’m away, I’m afraid that I’ll mostly be reduced to cross-posting my Killing Batteries stuff here, which I hope you’ll find entertaining or at least sufficiently distracting. You’ll be happy to know that I suffer unremitting nervous breakdowns and exhaustion while on the road for Lonely Planet which, oddly, makes for decidedly hilarious blogging material.

There’s been plenty of Minneapolis-centric personal events/discoveries to write about recently, but little time or energy to make each item a standalone post, so since the remainder of my life is consumed with lists right now, I’ll simply offer you this bullet pointed breakdown of conversations/rants/raves:

• Et tu T-Mobile, et tu? It’s bad enough that you drop my calls every time I enter a building, dare to use my phone in a suburb of Oakland or spin around too fast, but now you’ve gone and reduced coverage around my building? Maybe its my imagination, but for the first three weeks, all calls made from inside my condo were fine and clear. The past few days, calls are dropping and call recipients are reporting that only about one syllable out of three gets through and I sound like I’m calling from inside the Chunnel. This is downtown Minneapolis, for Buddha’s sake. If you can’t provide decent coverage here, you’ve got problems.

• Awww yeah!! I’m dying to see the Mill City Farmer’s Market! Everybody’s talking about it and City Pages just name it Best Farmer’s Market in the Twin Cities! The anticipation is killing me! I’m gonna get onions, tomatoes, bananas, apples, garlic… What? It doesn’t open until May 10th? Three days after I leave the country for a month? Razzle, frazzle, grazzle, ^%$#%^%#@!!!

• I try to avoid being the 1,397,376th person to comment on a tired topic, but this cruel weather lately is just too much. I’m growing weary of this constant vengeful God business. If I believed in God. Which I don’t. So there.

• Ate lunch at Wilde Roast Café yesterday. Wonderful, wonderful sammiches. Free Wi-Fi, fireplace, puffy chairs. Good thing the kitchen people cook better than they read – the words “tuna melt” on my order were somehow interpreted as “chicken curry”. The correct sammich was quickly produced though. I’ll be going back frequently, however with Bralessa right across the road, I predict a lot of time standing around on the corner trying to decide which place to eat.

• After months of pretending that it was a dumb fad, I sacrificed an hour this week and got myself onto Twitter. I briefly had this fantasy of logging tweets from the road in Romania (e.g. “In Transylvania now – price for garlic flower necklaces are up.”), only to discover that my Blackberry is too dumb to load the Twitter web page. Et tu Blackberry? Et tu? Going to test two workarounds in the next few days, time permitting. Tweets will be mostly geared to the Killing Batteries crowd, since there’s literally tens times as many Battery Killers as there are Minneapolis Lovers at the moment. Again, I hope you’ll still find my off-topic missives worthwhile.

Finally, I don’t believe I have ever been happier with a dwelling in my entire life as I have been with my bitchin’ new condo. I leave you with a snap of the view from my living room. A friend and I sat and stared out the window at traffic, people, HCMC helicopters and flickering lights for like two hours on Tuesday night. Better than TV.


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