Winter bike safety

Judging from my visitor stats, many of you probably found my blog via Metroblogging, so this probably won’t be news to most, but just in case, I wanted to highlight a recent post by Erica about winter bike safety.

Having just returned from Chile’s sun and warmth yesterday, even though I had been forewarned by numerous wretchedly jealous friends via email, I was nevertheless stunned by the cold and snow that appeared while I was away.

If memory serves, Minnesotans need a good month or so to re-learn how to drive in slippery conditions each winter and double goes for cyclists since the consequences for even minor accidents can be disastrous.

As for me, well, my bike has been retired. Not only does my work-of-art, pencil-thin, zero-friction road bike have no business tooling around in these conditions, but I’m still tiptoeing around here with no health insurance, so I’ve gotta scale back the risky business until I get myself some kind of coverage in this country.

That said, props to all the people still on two wheels out there. You’re insane, but I love you anyway.

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Biking | 13.12.2007 10:03 | 2 Comments

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2 Comments on “Winter bike safety”

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