Surdyk’s holiday sale ends today!

I can’t believe I haven’t gotten around to writing a fawning post about Surdyk’s yet. And now there’s no time!  Their holiday sale ends today!  Run, RUN!!!

I was there last night and saved mucho dinero on seven bottles of Chilean wine in my effort to extend the good vibes from my recent trip. Chilean wine is pretty cheap to start, and when you factor in the sale, well you simply can’t afford to not buy some. If you don’t drink wine, it’s the perfect budget gift to give (to me).

Even though it’s not on sale, I must pimp the Casa Silva Carménère (only $11.49). Seasoned winos will immediately note that the Carménère grape was all the rage for a squillion years until a Phylloxera plague in Europe was believed to have wiped it out in 1867. A cache of Carménère was re-discovered in Chile in 1994, having been mistaken by local growers in the interim as its first cousin, merlot.

Never mind the genuine buzz imparted by the whopping 14% alcohol volume, sipping a glass of an almost-lost-forever wine varietal is a sweet little wine-appreciator thrill, without dropping ridiculous coin.

On that note, my bottle of Carménère disappeared last night (among others) and will need replacing today, right after a helping of huevos pericos, God’s gift to hangover breakfasts, over at Maria’s. See you there.

303 East Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, 55414

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Booze | 15.12.2007 11:03 | 2 Comments

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2 Comments on “Surdyk’s holiday sale ends today!”

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