This is why I love the Current

I’m so pandering to my primary demographic here, but I don’t care. Who doesn’t love the Current? Hey, if I really wanted to drum up some shameless reader camaraderie I could write a post called “This is why I love puppies”, so cut me some slack. Back to the task at hand, fawning over one of the greatest developments in Twin Cities radio history, 89.3 The Current.

The Current went on the air a year after I left the country to sample some of the world’s funnier toilets, so until a month ago I was only catching bits and pieces of programming during fleeting visits home and during that magical month in the summer of 2006 when I had stout enough internet access in Romania to allow for online listening. Then the Current imprudently effed with their online broadcast format and even with emails traded with their support people I was never able to make it work again. A few months later I moved to Italy where “broadband” internet amounts to about 15kps (when it works at all), so my online Current listening days were over.

As of last month, I’m happily wallowing in more new music than I can possibly absorb. I love it that 75% of the music played on the Current is music I’ve never heard of, but still dig nonetheless. And forget the dreaded same-song-15-times-a-day-for-three-months phenomenon that plagues 90% of popular radio, I routinely go days without hearing the same band, much less the same song.

Furthermore, much like everyone else, I can’t mention the Current and not say the name ‘Mary Lucia’ in the same breath. I’ve been a Lucia disciple since she did the morning show at Zone 105. She’s so smart, irreverent and snarky. I bet she’s gangs of fun at MPR staff meetings:

Meeting Facilitator Guy: “Mary, can you tell me why you felt the need to take the Lord’s take in vain 127 times on the air last month?”

Mary: “Can you tell me why you felt the need to wear brown shoes with a black belt, jackhole?”

I kid! I’m sure that platonic love verily permeates the air at MPR (and that Mary is a devout Lutheran). I mean, if you were paid to play one of the best and varied selections of music in the city wouldn’t you run around hugging people and giving backrubs all day too?

Apart from Mistress Lucia, the only other host I know well is Jill Riley, who I listened to routinely during the morning caffeinating ritual while I lived in Romania. It’s an eight hour time difference, so just as I was getting up, Jill was going on the air. I blew her mind a few times, sending in emails from Romania (and the future no less!), but she was usually too busy diligently sticking to the programming schedule to play my Howard Jones requests.

So now I live in Minneapolis and I listen to the Current daily, when my tenuous attention span allows me to work and listen to tunes at the same time. I did my civic duty and gave the Current a little of my hard earned freelancer money last week during their member drive and I’m all flush with pride and entitlement, so I expect I’ll be invited to the next MPR martini party. To sweeten the deal, I’ll perform my straightjacket escape, but only if program director Steve Nelson assists. We have a storied history.

[Steve I want my spare key back]

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