This is why I love Maria’s Café

Further to the breakfast discovery undertaking I teased below, I was taken to Maria’s Café last Sunday and it was totally awesome. I’d actually eaten there twice before years ago, but I didn’t have vivid memories of the food due to the state I was usually in when I rolled in for breakfast back in those days.

Well, last Sunday I was only sleep-deprived from seven days of acute insomnia and stupefied from writing technology reviews for 13 days straight, so I was lucid enough to not only order a great breakfast, but also take note of how appetizing everyone else’s food was at my table.

Actually, I didn’t exactly break new ground with my plate, ordering the three egg veggie omelet and then de-vegifying it with sausage and cheddar cheese, effectively making an Everything Omelet, which is the omelet I’ve been eating every chance I’ve gotten for the past decade. But never mind that, it was a great omelet and I want another one right now just writing about it (and I just ate an omelet like five hours ago – I’m sick people).

Also on the table was the delectable looking Maria’s Columbian Huevos Pericos (three scrambled eggs with diced tomatoes, green and white onions and “special seasoning”, served with a tortilla, homemade salsa and topped with cheddar cheese), which I intend to order the next time I get to Maria’s along with a fruit pancake (probably raspberry), which has apparently won awards around town.

There were a few drawbacks. Service was apparently shorthanded because we were made to wait for 25 minutes for a table even though the restaurant was one-third empty. Also, some jackasses brought their two year old kid who communicated exclusively via sustained, high-pitched squeals that felt like an ice pick to the brainstem and triggered my fight or flight reflex. The parents combated this onslaught with the occasional, half-hearted ‘shhh!’ until most of the restaurant was giving them the stink eye. The dad looked up and caught my you-must-die gaze just as I was mouthing an emphatic ‘what the f*ck?’, suddenly realized that he was about to have an angry mob on his hands and left shortly thereafter.

I don’t blame Maria’s for this. I blame God, naturally.

Anyhoo, once peace was restored, breakfast was wonderful and as such Maria’s will be getting my custom again in the very near future. They’d get it this very moment if they served food until 6:00pm.

Maria’s Café
1113 E Franklin Ave
(612) 870-9842

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2 Comments on “This is why I love Maria’s Café”

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