Are we great or what?

And what better way to kick off this blog than a dangerously arbitrary poll of travelers on a variety of subjects that they only have passing knowledge about?

We didn’t exactly come out laden with awards from the CNN and Travel + Leisure “America’s Favorite Cities” poll this month, but we didn’t do too bad for a frigid, remote, frontier-land, still using the barter system, full of people with maladies like Seasonal Affective Disorder and Cabin Fever where streets are shared with tractors, bears and moose.

Some of our rankings look about right, but there’s a lot of fishy stats here to make me wonder when and how this poll was conducted. I look at this and I have two questions:

1. Did these so-called travelers actually visit all the cities that they were allowed to rate?
2. Who slept with whom in Portland for them to get all those fraking number ones?

Yeah, we’re clean and affordable and quiet (like good Norwegians) and gay-friendly and safe and we have public parks/spaces to beat the band and our cityscape rules and we have an ass-load of theatre (see gay-friendly) and the pizza’s all right and we’re smart and we dig our sports. I could have told you that.

Oh and our weather stinks. Gee, where did they get that? Actually, I hear tell that the winters aren’t so bad anymore. And one of my last winters here I seem to remember only shoveling three times. Time to update our entry in the “The Big Book of Tired American Stereotypes”.

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